"Compare the Difference at Summit Physical Therapy & Sports Care"


At Summit Physical Therapy & Sports Care we urge you to compare our facility in Montvale, NJ with other surrounding "clinics." You will find many other facilities too small, over-crowded or poorly equipped to meet your rehabilitative needs. Summit Physical Therapy is not a large corporation or patient "mill." We schedule on average two clients an hour compared to other facilities treating 4 to 6 patients an hour! We never over book our schedule or double appointment times. While we can appreciate the need to be profitable, it shouldn't come at your expense.

Unlike many big corporate clinics, where you see someone different each visit, we feel it is very important to develop a one-on-one relationship with you to maintain continuity of care. Since only one physical therapist knows your problem(s) best, he/she is the one that will be working closely with you to speed your recovery.

On average, our clients are seen for fewer visits and enjoy greater optimal outcomes. This is due to the company model we employ at our facility.

Right side back pain from bulging discs

We at Summit Physical Therapy actually spend time with you. Utilizing our manual skills and unique approach to exercise you get more out of each visit.

Our therapists supervise everything you do. You are not left unattended. We make sure you have a clear direction towards meeting your goals.

Getting well fast is what we strive for with you. Your time is valuable to us and we understand the importance of a quick recovery.

Our facility is well equipped and properly staffed to challenge the athlete minded client or just a weekend warrior.

No matter where you are at in your recovery and how far you have to go, Summit Physical Therapy will help you get there!



Call us at 201.627.0100 or drop by our office during regular business hours to discuss your first appointment.

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